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Real Estate Photo, Video, Drone, and iGUIDE Virtual Tours + Floor Plans 

What makes our services LUXURY? 





Hi, I'm Darren Harris and I am the Co-Owner of Harris Visual Media, LLC with my wife, Morgan Harris. We started this business together in 2017 and offered a little but of everything with our services. Now, we have niched down and found what we love most, which is Boudoir for her and Real Estate Media services for me. 

I enjoy what I do very much! Making sure my clients are happy (and their clients) is my number one priority. I feel most prideful when a Real Estate Agent shoots me a text when the day is done, letting me know how good of a job I've done. It makes me feel good knowing I have helped others grow their business and helped their clients list and sell their homes. 

On a more personal note; I am also a father of the best little girl! Coming home to my wife, daughter, and 3 wiener dogs is my favorite part of the day! You may also catch me chatting about football (Go, titans!), cars, and video games. Nonetheless, I love to talk about anything! 

Can't wait to work with you and bring a little extra LUXURY to your listings. Talk soon!




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