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"Boudoir means so much to me and I am so grateful to have found a passion that brings me just as much happiness and confidence as it does my clients. I have met SO many empowering women and I leave each session feeling like I have gained another beautiful friend! Some of my good friends are women I did not meet until they booked a boudoir session with me. I guess once you see someone naked, that makes you pretty close, haha! I make 100% certain that all of my clients are comfortable, know that the set for the photo session is a judgement free zone, and that they have the most fun they could possibly have during their session! We laugh, we have most definitely cried, and we are just ourselves! I don't make my clients look like anyone they are not. I show them how beautiful they are by being themselves, but through someone else's vision!" 

- Morgan Harris, Owner and Photographer

Kelly, 33

My session with Morgan was amazing! She's fun, funny, and makes you feel like a goddess."

Cassy, 25

Love how relaxed I was!! She let you pick the music, and shows you each shot after!

Renee, 21

There are some people that make it so easy to be yourself and Morgan is one of them. She is so comfortable to be around that it's not weird at all to be half naked in front of her. I also love that she kept hyping me up the whole time, making me feel like a superstar! Book with her if you want to feel that way, too!