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Boudoir for Photographers

Educational resources by Morgan Harris for Boudoir Photographers


Camera Gear You NEED to level up Your Boudoir Photography Business Guide - $100

Learn about the gear you need to take your boudoir photography business to the next level! Invest in the right equipment and you will be on a great start to success!

How to Start Your Boudoir Photography Business - $250

This guide should be purchased after the Camera Gear and Manual Settings for Boudoir Photography guides. This guide teaches you how to start your Boudoir Business based on everything I have learned from my experience with Boudoir! If you know how to shoot manual, you're producing quality and consistent content and you're ready to make the jump into boudoir, this guide is for you! 


Camera (Manual) Settings for Boudoir Photography - $250

Learn camera lingo, lens lingo, camera settings, and more with this guide. This is the second guide that should be purchased; they work better if purchased in order. If you already know how to shoot manual and understand camera settings, this guide is not for you and you can go ahead and skip to How to Start Your Photography Business!

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