Meet your
 Boudoir Photographers


Morgan Harris

Owner & Photographer 


Tori Thompson

Associate Photographer


Your nudes are safe with us!

We are here to help you have the BEST boudoir experience possible. We strive for you to feel safe, comfortable, and confident! Tori and I both have outgoing personalities and love to have a good girls day! Just consider us your personal hype women.

We are Chick-fil-a and TikTok obsessed, will probably show up to your session with leggings (covered in who-knows-what like this photo lol) and an oversized t-shirt, and we will talk your head off... sorry not sorry! 

If you think we sounds pretty awesome, we would love to create some magic with you! Reach out and let's get to know each other more! 

Talk soon,
Morgan and Tori


Shawna Ham

Photo Editor 

Shawna is who brings our photos to life! She color grades to make vibrants pop, she makes skin so smooth and glowy, and she makes those pesky, last minute blemishes vanish! Most importantly, she is professional and your privacy is her number one priority! 

Meet our
Photo Editor

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Beauty Gurus


Reanna Henry


Maggie Bellamy


Paige Spear


Nicole Gross


Ashley Long

We can't wait to make you feel beautiful!